June 16, 2019


WE WELCOMED THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE INTO MEMBERSHIP AT ST. DAVID’S in this morning’s 8:00 A.M. service:  Cindy Blum, Kent and Kelly Martin, and Julie, Chris, Christy, and Jillian Smith.  Please take a few moments following the service, during the fellowship time, to welcome them. 

WE BID FAREWELL TO MARTHA RUTLEDGE in today’s worship services.  Martha and her husband, Tom, are in the process of moving to Pottstown, PA, to be closer to their daughter and her family.  Words cannot begin to express our deep appreciation for Martha’s leadership and service in this congregation over the years, but we’ll try our best!   She has modeled for us the heart and core of our ministry:  “Serving Christ and Community” and has been a trusted leader, friend, and mentor to many over the years.  She will be greatly missed!  We will send her forth with our blessing and prayers as she begins the next phase of her life. 

WORDS OF THANKS FROM PASTOR LADONNA: I am overwhelmed by your joy, love and spirit of celebration as we observed the 25th anniversary of my ordination into Word and Sacrament ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Thank you for the generous gift, the unity service and the fellowship time that followed.  Your call to serve as your pastor (for 10 years, now!) daily affirms my ordination.  We continue to serve Christ and community together, empowered by the gifts of the Holy Spirit!

THE REV. H. THOMAS MILLER, a former pastor of St. Bartholomew Lutheran Church has been placed under hospice care.  Those who wish to send note or cards may do so to this address:  11709 Wayneridge Court, Fulton, MD 20759

OUR SUMMER SCHEDULE:  Sunday worship will be held at 8:00 A.M. and 10:00 A.M. through September 1st.  There is no Sunday School during the summer months. Wednesday evening worship is at 7:00 P.M., July 17- August 28. 

OUTDOOR WORSHIP IN THE PAVILION will take place on June 30, July 7, and July 14 at 10:00 A.M.  (8:00 A.M. service will be in the sanctuary).   

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL will be held June 17-21 from 6:30 P.M. – 8:30 P.M. at St. David’s United Church of Christ.

Adult VBS – June 17-20, 6:30 P.M. – 8:30 P.M.
“Spiritual Practices That Draw Us to the Heart of God”
Led by Pastors Steve and LaDonna Thomas, each evening class will be mostly “practice sessions” in which a spiritual practice is introduced and practiced together, followed by a brief time to share what you experienced in the practice. The practices may include: guided meditations, centering prayer, Lectio Divina (a meditative way of listening and praying scripture), collage making, walking meditation, and spiritual storytelling/listening. Participants will experience a “toolbox” of spiritual practices they can choose to use on their own to be drawn to the heart of God.

JUNE’S COLLECTIONS FOR THE SUMMER LUNCH PROGRAM for children who normally receive free or reduced lunches at school. 

Due by June 24th

64 oz apple juice

12-18 oz box of Rice Krispies Cereal

Little boxes of raisins

15 oz can of baked beans

3.4 oz box of instant Chocolate pudding

Items can be placed in the box marked “Summer Lunch” in the gathering area.

THE CONGREGATIONAL GROWTH COMMITTEE is sponsoring a summer picnic for all St. David’s church family, extended families, and their friends on August 3rd at 12:00 P.M. at Pavilion 1, Swimming Pool Road, Codorus State Park.  To celebrate the warmth, energy, and long-standing family traditions of picnics, we are having lots of activities that involve families and kids:  hula hoop contests, watermelon seed spitting, kite flying, bean bag toss, croquet, ball toss, and twister.  Bring a cake so you can participate in our famous St. David’s cake walk.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinks will be provided.  Please bring a covered dish, hot or cold, to share and your favorite chair to sit on.  There is picnic table seating for 75 people.  Grills and electrical outlets are on site.  The pavilion is close enough to the swimming pool for you to walk and swim.  (There is an entrance fee.) This is a handicapped accessible pavilion with restroom facilities easily accessible via paved sidewalk. Please sign up on the bulletin board at church. Sign up is necessary for our planning. 

FROM THE GARDEN GROUP:  The beauty of our Church and grounds is brought to life by the symmetry and color of the trees, bushes, and flowers that surround us.  Throughout the seasons the colors and shapes change, grow, and need tended.  Those tiny little pesky weeds sneak up on us and outline the edges of the gardens.  Sometimes the flowers need water, especially in those dry times.  In order to maintain control of those weeds and to help water the flowers, help is needed.  Can you help by offering just one hour or so, on one day, in one week, this summer?  If you are willing to help to do that, there is a weekly sign up sheet to choose just one week to help with the weeding and watering.  If you’re wondering how to do this, written instructions will be given to each volunteer.  All the equipment (gloves, trowel, garbage bags, 5 gallon bucket) that you would need to weed will be outside, along with the hose.  You pick your time, whether you’re an early morning or evening weedier.  Thank you from the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees.

COMMUNITY GARDEN PRODUCE DISTRIBUTION:  Each week there are those generous gardeners that share the produced from their harvest.  Bringing it to church to share allows us to reach out to those in our community that need and savor the flavors of summer.  Nothing tastes better than a fresh cucumber or tomato.  Last summer when I delivered a basket of cucumbers to New Hope Ministries, one of the food handlers there was thrilled with our donation and mentioned how much the clients will enjoy the gift of freshness.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  Again, this summer we are sharing with the community.  Each week this produce needs to be delivered.  Can you help?  A weekly delivery sign-up sheet is posted in the hallway.  At the end of the second service the produce needs to be taken home with you, and in the next day or two, delivered to the people or places that are dear to your heart.  Yep, you choose the recipient of our harvest and watch the faces of our neighbors light up with joy!!  Please help with this congregational outreach.

DAVID’S LENDING LIBRARY: The ladies of St. David’s Book Club have been reading some funny, motivational, and spiritually joyful books during this past year. Actually, our first year of togetherness.  Since we want to share with the congregation some of our book choices, we have established a lending library, really a bookshelf filed with our monthly reading selections.  These books are put there for you too, to enjoy. Please take a book, read, enjoy, and return to the shelf.  Please return the books so the lending can continue, and conversation can evolve.  The book club does not need to be just for women!  We would enjoy male viewpoints in our book selection and discussion group.  So, to join in the fun and thoughtful conversation, we meet the last Thursday of the month in the church gathering area.  Our next meeting will be June 27th, with our book selection being “The 5 People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Alborm.  In July we are having the movie version of “A Man called Ove”.  Please join us.

 HANOVER AREA COUNCIL OF CHURCHES’ FOOD BANK REQUESTS- JUNE:  Ziploc Sandwich Bags, Dressing, Canned Pineapple, and Canned Potatoes.  Place donations in the basket by the main entrance.

PINK ENVELOPES FOR JUNE support Pleasant Hill Fire Company.

CONGREGATIONAL GROWTH will be selling tee shirts, long sleeve shirts and sweat shirts with our logo.  Watch the newsletter and announcements the next couple of weeks.



TODAY 8:00 A.M. Worship  (New Members)
  9:15 A.M. Fellowship
  10:00 A.M. Worship
Mon., June 17th   6:30 P.M. Bible School
Tues., June 18th   2:00 – 6:30 P.M. Library in use
  3:30 – 6:00 P.M. Summer Lunch packing and distribution
  6:30 P.M. Bible School
Wed., June 19th   No Worship Service
  7:00 P.M. Exercise Group
  6:30 P.M. Bible School
Thurs., June 20th 6:30 P.M. Bible School
Fri., June 21st       Pastor’s Day Off
  6:30 P.M. Bible School
Sun., June 23rd 8:00 A.M. Worship Service
  9:15 A.M. Fellowship Time
  10:00 A.M. Worship Service



Income Last Week Weekly Budget Needs Attendance Last Week
$5,898.00 $5,176.96 9:30 A.M. Worship – 97
Total Income YTD      Budget YTD  
$107,266.55 $119,070.08 7:00 P.M. Worship – 7



 FOR THOSE RECEIVING PASTORAL VISITATION AT HOME: Ethel & Philip Meckley, Gladys Shearer, Ruth Myers, Millie Miller, Tony Laughman, Edna Rickrode, Ada Mancha, Kiki Beyer, Joyce & David Plank, Ann Hempfing, Harold Geiman, Gloria Sommer, Dorothy Grogg, and Margie Utz.

 FOR HEALING & STRENGTH:  Frank Martin, Shirley Garrett, Mack Warner, Harold Sanders, Dave Barnhart, Kristine Hann, Mara Small, Deb Klinedinst, Melvin & Marjorie Wentz, Hilda Schuchart, Suzie Luks, Angela Kieny, Kaleb Trump, Travis Trump, Mary Lou Davis, Tom Phillips, Sunny Blouse, Harold Kessler, Ryan Laughman, Jacob Snyder, Russ Zumbrum, Ann Marie Landry, Harold Bachman, George Hesse, Margie Thiel, Ed Swift, Kim Nieves, Donna Ludwig, Debbie Howell, Steve Lindsey, Tom & Judy Jacoby, Brock Beckham, Pastor H. Thomas and Thelma Evans.


BLESSINGS FOR: Eric & Paige Adams on the birth of their daughter, Madalinn Paige.  Suzanne Geaney on the birth of her grandson, Miles Naugle,