For the sake of those yet to come to St. David’s and to enhance our ministry, we are “Building With Faith”. 


Our “Building With Faith” Capital Campaign’s purpose was to fund the following building enhancements: enlarge the gathering area at our main entrance, add a covered drop-off, update the bathrooms and entryway, and address delayed maintenance needs (heating system and roof). 


WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great News!  Thanks to the faith and generosity of members and friends of St. David’s, the final payment on the loan for the construction of our Gathering Area has been paid. 

In just four years, we have received almost a half-million dollars in donations, over and above the giving that supports our annual budget for our daily operations.  This is an incredible accomplishment and really shows us what we can do when we have a vision and all work together towards achieving it!

          Note:  With the retirement of this debt, the “Building with Faith” capital campaign officially comes to an end.  For those who have been regular contributors to that fund (either through paper or electronic gifts – regularly or periodically), we welcome and encourage your continued giving.  Additional monies received will be placed in a fund for future building needs and delayed maintenance.